Quality Assurance

Ensuring Quality Products, Every Time

At Beyond Botanicals, we are dedicated to making sure each CBD product that leaves our doors is perfect. That starts with how our hemp and oils are sourced and extends all the way to your satisfaction after you unwrap your CBD oils at home.

Sourcing Ingredients

When we set out to begin Beyond Botanicals, we knew our first commitment would be to American Industrial Hemp. We are passionate about helping build and promote the American hemp industry. When we were able to partner with a hemp farm that used only certified Organic, Non-GMO Hemp and employs sustainable harvesting practices, we knew we had secured a good foundation to work from.

Our other oils and flavors are sourced with the same scrutiny, where we audit each partner to ensure they follow the same strict Good Manufacturing Practice standards, use carbon dioxide extraction, and provide Organic product whenever possible.

Product Formulation

Having veteran chemists and product formulators on-staff means that we don’t have to outsource our product formulas to other companies. We perform all of our own research and development to constantly innovate. We strive to develope product lines that are better, more effective, more affordable, and more enjoyable, every time.

Rigorous Testing

We audit test results from our suppliers as well as perform analytical testing on our own products to make sure every component of our finished blends is safe, pure, and most importantly, as potent as claimed. We are so confident in the quality of our CBD products that we have employed a trackable lot system on our product pages. Each one of these lots is tested, and the results for each lot are provided to our customers free of charge on that product’s respective listing.

These tests include confirming that no dangerous bacteria or heavy metals are present in our products, and that our organics are indeed pesticide free. Lastly, they confirm the amount of cannabinoids and terpenes in each product to deliver ultimate peace of mind.

High Standards

Your peace of mind begins with our production process, where our facility is held to strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards that ensure complete cleanliness, consistency, and traceability through our product line. This means that each fresh product is made to the same exhausting standards as the last, maintaining our signature quality.

In the event that you experience any issues with your product, our GMP standards allow us to trace it back to individual pieces of equipment used to make it, meaning that we spare no convenience in achieving and guaranteeing your satisfaction.